Advanced Energy’s HVAC Credentialing Program is designed to increase HVAC contractor compliance with ENERGY STAR V3 through a robust QC/QA process. This course was created to instruct HVAC contractors on what ENERGY STAR V3 is requiring, how to fill out the HVAC System QI Checklist and how to participate in the Advanced Energy program.


Individuals completing this course will learn…

Introduction All about the ENERGY STAR program and what it takes to perform quality HVAC installations. This module is recommended for owner/operators, sales staff and office staff that support field work and interface with homeowners.

Design - How to properly design systems to meet ENERGY STAR specifications. HVAC Contractors, Designers and Engineers will benefit from this training.

Install - Best practices for meeting the installation requirements of the ENERGY STAR program. Field supervisors and installers will learn how to save time and money while also assuring quality.

Start-up - What measurements and procedures to follow in order to properly complete sections 6–12 of the ENERGY STAR checklist dealing with system commissioning. Service technicians and others performing start-up will benefit from this module. Raters that verify start-up can also learn what to look for in meeting the ENERGY STAR requirements.

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